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These are our type of people!

We take pride in serving people whose stories and dreams we believe in. If you have

an extra moment, please give these small business owners some love!



STEPHANIE -  Fancy that Design House

I had noticed Kula’s work a while back and kept them at the forefront of my mind for when I would need a shoot. And when I needed a rush photoshoot to hit a deadline for my fabric collection, I called Kula. As a creative, I had an aesthetic in mind and would not compromise on hiring just anyone to hit that deadline. 


As a “one woman show” business owner, I’m usually just keeping my head down and getting work done. It’s always a bit out of my comfort zone to think about stopping and getting branding/social media content taken with myself actually in them. I also wanted to make sure I got variety within that shoot and Kula delivered on that as well as making me feel comfortable.



CHRISTINA -  White Dress Bridal Boutique

In our industry, visibility matters. I knew that we needed to stay relevant online, or we were at risk of falling behind the competition. But as I'm sure many small business owners can relate, we didn't have the talent in-house to create content regularly. Beyond finding a business that could produce content regularly for us, we were also looking for a company that could deliver content to our admittedly high standard.

Kula not only delivered, but they also exceeded my every expectation. In the beginning, I only asked them to create content here and there; now, I have them produce every piece of media for our business. It brings peace of mind that the quality and quantity will be high.



MONICA -  Morr Events

I am not tech savvy and social media is not my wheelhouse, so the idea of creating content for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for my small business overwhelmed me. When I found Kula, I knew I found a perfect fit. We hit it off at “hello!”

The Kula Creative team is efficient and intentional in what they deliver, which is one of the reasons I trust them so much. They quickly learned my language (how I say things) and were able to completely transform my social media platforms with very little input from me, which I like. Kula makes me and my business shine.

Are you saying “Alright, I’m sold”?

If you are, ahhhh! We can’t wait to get to know you!

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